About Us

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Who We Are

What Started West River Renovation & Remodeling.

Our Story is simple, two friends and a common goal: delivering a superior product while maintaining excellent customer service.

Founders and friends, Aaron and Chris didn’t meet in your typical fashion of sports or common friends, the stars aligned for them. Chris was remodeling his home and Aaron was the lead contractor. During the remodel the two became instant friends. Throughout the project Chris handled external vendors and Aaron lead the project from a physical construction standpoint. They worked together to ensure the project was timely, on budget and attention to detail was a priority.

Upon completion of this project, together they began to do projects and quickly realized from the feedback received, the products they produced and the word of mouth spreading quickly they decided it was time to take it to the next level. With that, West River Renovation and Remodeling was born.

As they both have the same common core values of family, respect, reliability, and dependability, it was imperative that their business does too. Together with the background of a combination of business and construction they are dedicated to ensure a positive customer experience from the moment they’re in connection with each customer.

Our Promise to Our Customers

These pillars are the core of our business and the foundation of each client relationship.

We look forward to working with you on your future home project.

Chris & Aaron